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I bought 360 tabs of NuVet Plus. Simba had hot spots... hair loss and oozing sores on his head, face and neck, which I couldn't get rid of with shampoos and ointmants. He suffered for a month! I started him on one tab of NuVet Plus a day, and within 5 days his sores started clearing up, within 8 days they were all healed!!! It REALLY WORKS!!!


My dogs are AKC Registered Golden Retrievers. Family raised, parents on site at my home near Baraboo, Wisconsin. Champion pedigree including many titles of Master Hunter, Companion Dog Excellent, Utility Dog Excellent, many others. All my females are red and weigh about 70 lbs. My male is blond. Click on the PARENTS in the Menu above to see them. The litters will have mixed colors and varied sizes.

My puppies will have dew claws removed, their vaccinations, be wormed, and if you like you can bring them back for booster shots for free for the rest of their life! I include AKC registration papers. Also a collar, leash, food, treats, rawhide chew, a ball and a toy.

These puppies are intelligent as well as beautiful, loving and fun! I spend a lot of time working with thems. By the time they are 5 weeks old they are essentially housebroken (to my house), and are familiar with the words "go outside, go potty". They also do not bite, nip, or chew on fingers, which makes them ideal for families with small children. I like to keep my puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old, when they are more mature, and better able to adapt to the transition of a new home and learning new things. By then they are also familiar with going up and down stairs, have basic good manners (sit for treats, no paws on me, no bite...) and be ready for new homes. To see pictures of some puppies, click on PUPPIES above in the Menu.

I am always available for help, advice, and assistance for you and your puppy. I also do boarding, all creatures great and small, when you go on vacation or are going to be away for a day or so! Click on BOARDING in the menu above for more information.

An additional service I provide is one-on-one basic training. For an additional $350, you choose and name your puppy. I will keep him until 11 weeks of age and give him a more complete/whole house potty training, commands: come, sit, stay, down, up, off, go outside, go potty, kennel, heel (on leash), stand (for bathing and brushing), NO, and others as needed or desired. Puppies in basic training stay in my bedroom at night so they are used to separation from the pack, sleeping alone in a kennel, going for walks and meeting neighbors with their dogs, etc.

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